Friday, 3 August 2012

The GAME game Night

Hey all you gamers out their.

GAME Group... They have been hitting the news and not just the gaming news and not really in the good way, as they where battling with administration earlier on in the year, as reported in prevous posts, I have to say it wern't looking well. they had game release dates messed up and even the atmosphere was not good when you walked into any GAME or Gamestation shop. GAME Group also started to lose suppliers the main supplier EA GAMES, and with that was the lose of the one of the biggest game of the year Mass Effect 3, with all this store closing down and walking into a game shop then walking back out shacking your head and thinking yes GAME Group maybe over and this made me feel sorry for the struggling company... But out came a company called OpCapita, they bought the game chain for around £1 but yes you may think that this is a bargin but then you need to remember that they had debts as well, which OpCapita took on as well, around £85 million pounds of it.

Now since the take over has been sorted it looks like what ever OpCapita has done is working, the information about games is upto date, the staff are more happier and the atmosphere is alot better. The staff seem more interested in games and is great to be a costumer within their shops, the best thing is that you don't get the feeling that an old women has gone in the nude right in frount of you when you go in. GAME Group have also regained the suppliers trust and all is now up and running... EPIC


The GAME store near me in wigan desided to host a game night, which consisted of activities which was a competition to win a goodie bag, but most of all it was to see what people wanted to do, for me I wanted to see what was going on behind the scenes of GAME see round the store but not only that to play some games, and is a good chance to meet new people, also with owning a Playstation Vita and only having one game trading in Unit 13 with it not being what I expected and having only a co-op online and no death match etc was a disappointment, so this was a prim opportunity for me to try two games that have go okey reviews and that was gravity rush and resistance burning skies. I played both for around 5-10 mins worth of game play and did enjoy both but I enjoyed resistance burning skies the most as it is down to the ground for me. With the game using all the Vita's features in a shooter and does it well, the gameplay is epic and is one gamer should own with their small collection of disappointment game that are available to purchase at a store on the high street. Gravity Rush is a different kettle of fish again using all the Features and more using the camara for Augmentality and moving around your surrounding without moving the analog pads etc but it is more for the RPG gamer and people that like cleaver games more than a gamer that likes going round and causing a path of distruction like on Call Of Duty etc.

During the night a representative went round asking people to take part in the fast lap on Mario Kart 7 (3DS release) and was then recorded so you can win some goodies... I didn't take part as im boring and couldn't be bothered as i'm not the best at any driving games... but I did have a go as the console that it was played on was the 3DS XL and was to be released the following morning or at 00:01 if you wanted the console at mid-night, but the console is something im not interested in buying as for me it is too big and will be a bit hard to fit your pocket, but also the fact that it don't come with a charger. that really does grinds my gears.

I felt sorry for the Nintendo representative as no one was really interested in him, but after speaking to some people at the game night that go to the conventions they say that no ones goes to many Nintendo stands as they go to the xbox, ps3 and others that have bigger games and more 3 party releases.

(The man standing is the Nintendo representative)