Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Terminal Is Back (Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3)

Calling all Modern Warfare fans, as you may know about the news that the new DLC will be coming out soon and your next destination for the MW3 DLC is going to be ressurected from MW2, and the map choosen with be... Terminal.

When I heard the news about it and with people in the Call Of Duty clan also talking about, I kinda knew that this was a good map, as it had everything you could ask for.

The map is for boring campers, people that like to run around, people with shotguns (also known as shotgun wankers), quick scopers, and my favorite for if you want to mess around pretend to server burgers at burger town or stand behind the check in desks etc.

The map its self can be hell if everyone is on their feet rather than camping. (mainly at the back of the plane)

The date for the xbox is around the 17th of july the rest not so sure
here is one player on terminal