Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Gears Of War 3

Hey all,

The time has finally come, for the review of Gears Of War 3. Gears Of War is made using the UDK/Unreal Game Engine, which Nicktronic Arts have some experience in. The graphics are improving each month as the Epic Games release their monthly game engine updates, but nothing can compare to the awesome graphics and retro game play Epic Games has produced in Gears Of War 3. Gears of war was never on my mind to play and the worst thing is that Gears Of War 3 is the first game of the series that I have played so the story.

The thing that I love about Gears Of War 3 is the shear impeccable brutality of the game that I lust for. Really which gamer that loves to kill wouldn't love to have a chain gun at the end of their gun, and chop Locust troops in half, or use the bayonet knife and with your character being a huge sted head, you can just lift the locust  the air and thrust your bayonet into the locust, they was really the weapons I really used I know their are the hammerbust, the sniper rifle etc but the best weapons for me was the lancers.

The Lancers

Yes the lancers. The Lancers are a really awesome weapon which a huge proportion of the Gears Of War Universe frown upon as they are used a lot in the death matches and players will really want to knife you with the Retro Lancer or use the chainsaw on the the other lancer to kill you, but it is also an achievement on xbox to kill another employee or someone that has the achievement, which for xbox live achievement hunters will love and want to have if they do not have it, the Lancers in my opinion is not the most powerful weapon on the game but they are just fun to use, the Hammerbust is more powerful but not does not have a quick rapid fire compared to the Lancer and is less fun to use.
The Lancer complete with Chainsaw (one mean looking weapon)

Shotguns on the game hmm... Many of my friends will tell you that me and shotguns are the best prefect mix, I love the shotgun in a lot of games from call of duty to halo, but this is a different story, the shotguns is sloppy and not that good, it is hard to get a decent one shot kill, but not only that is isn't has fun or as funny to use when you blow their guts out. The snipers are a let down to, Another gun I love in most shooter games, the Longshot is a acceptable sniper rifle but unless you get a head shot it is a rare thing that you will kill in one shot, and unfortunately in a team death match online is not good as you can get spotted by the enemy and may get you killed, the One-Shot sniper rifle is powerful you can cut through a hole enemy team if the are bunched in a pack but it takes ages to charge up so if your using this gun to take out one enemy at a time don't bother and make sure you hit your target is you are taking out the one, as you will be taken out as you are reloading

The Vulcan Cannon is a awesome weapon... On Horde Mode, this gun will rip your enemy to ribbon and you will see only a beautiful blood bath in the process, this gun seems to be awesome it tears your enemies up and is fun to use but unfortunately with this weapon it comes at a price, you are chained to the floor with its ammo box so you will have to contently reload and vulnerably to be attacked yourself, but their is a plus side to the gun, if you are with another person, the can help you at the weapons box, by feeding you bullets so you will never have to reload, and you can move when fire-ring so this is a good weapon... On Horde Mode. Their are more weapons to use but they are really the weapons I used during the campaign, Horde Mode and team death matches.

I may not have played the game from the beginning but Gears Of War 3 does help the people like me to understand the Series, with a short clip of the back story of the series. The game offers a "causal" setting so the game will be a walk in the park for the player to finish the campaign's 10 - 12 hour storyline.

Gears Of War is a game that has a unorthodox gameplay, one that has put me off playing the previous Gears Of War games, but for some reason this feels different to the ten minutes I spent playing horde on Gears Of War 2, it feels smother, but still more importantly to me annoying. Yes annoying. I hate the way I will be looking forward then when I go for a run it sometimes will the opposite way, and nine times out of ten the character will run into the monsters and I will go down if im on horde mode, or I will get my charter in the campaign will get chopped in half... GRRRRRRRR

Don't get me wrong I love this game and Gears Of War 3 will not end up being traded in or getting pit in a box then in the loft, the graphics are awesome and the cut scene where you see the characters talk and open their mouths and you look at their facial expressions are next to none, the acting by the voice of the actors are brill as well, and i'm sure any Gears of War fan will agree the game has the right actors and actresses for the job, with a big name with Ice-T being one for the biggest names in the game as he plays voice of Griffin, Epic brought in another main stream actor Carlos Ferro, he plays Dominic Santiago, Carlos has been in loads of the main stream games, such as Call Of Duty Black Ops, Assassin's Creed and Uncharted, to name some of the games he has been in. One person I can't miss out is Lester Speight, he is the voise behind Augustus Cole... "All aboard the Cole Train Baby WHOOO" by that you would think the character was a NFL player... And that is because he was a NFL player. Lester Speight  is more known for his acting in Terry Tate: The Office Linebacker and he was also a american in football player as well, so his personally goes perfectly with Cole.

For players that prefer the online play to the campaign the online is good, okies the controls are the smooth but a pain in the ass still but is good,  I love the Horde mode most of all, xbox helps alot as xbox really is a social console and with Gears Of War being on this console it is a good way to make friends and mess around on the horde mode up to ten players. beast mode is similar to Horde mode, players take on the role to kill all the human bots.

Also their is good news for Gears Of War fans the servers used will be dedicated servers which is awesome compared to Call Of Duty games as they are hosted servers and get lag and cheaters that like to lag switch it which is awesome, or if they are with Talk Talk... well you might as well be a lag switch as they are awful with the internet speeds, I have had countless messages from players calling me a lag switcher until I send them a message back stating I'm with talk talk, then I will get message back saying how they feel sorry for me or the send me a message back calling me a dick head for the choice I made going with them, but back to the point with dedicated servers it means better connection and better speeds and less cheaters and hackers.

So what do I think of this game?
Gears Of Wars is a game that I never thought I would buy and when I did buy it I thought yeah I would give it the awesomely awful review but I can't it is a good game, and is the second best game I have played within twelve months maybe more and would recommend this game to anyone that loves playing as sted head army guys that like going to cut monsters in half with awesome guns with chainsaws on the end

This is not the end of the review just yet!!!

Oh no I as I have not played any of the other Gears Of War games I went asking some friends on xbox what they think of the game, and the Friends on xbox that I have chosen is because they love the game with a passion, and will be able to answer my questions without the one line answers.

Meet The Members


A totally wacky player loves the game so much he has the gears of war cog tattoo on his body, I have played Horde mode with him, and he is totally awesome at the game, going round with ease kicking ass, and chainsawing his enemies to bits. This man is no noob and is a valuable player and a great asset to have on your team, one one level I played with him he mopped up 19 kill to my 3 and it wasn't that I was awefull I just never saw anything, nor did I see him during that level

  • What is your favourite Gears Of War and why?

  • What is it about the Gears Of War that beats any other game on the market?

  • You have a tattoo of Gears Of War cog on your arm, what made you want to have have it tattooed to your body?

  • If you would recommend the Gears Of War series, which type of gamer apart from a shooter fan would you recommend it to and why?


A Gears Of War lover, Played them all, played with this great dude a few times on call of duty: Modern Warfare 2 when I first came out, and was a very good player, but when asked about Gears Of War and would he participate he accepted so here goes the quick questions.

  • what is your favourite Gears Of War and why?
A.    The third one , superb graphics , great story and shit hot multiplayer.

What is it about the Gears Of War that beats any other game on the market?
A.  What stands out for gears for me is the multiplayer has become stronger through the games, the connections are always superb and the amount of children tht play it is very scarce

  • If you would recommend the Gears Of War series, which type of gamer apart from a shooter fan would you recommend it to and why?
A.   I would recommend gears of war franchise to any gamer who likes a good story to follow


Another person that has played all Gears Of War, Played with this dude loads of time mainly on xbox on Call Of Duty but is generally good at games ranging from first person shooters to RPG and going further with games that require you to have no life and grind out pointless hours on a particular game mainly such as World Of Warcraft and when I went to my friends and this legend was their to he ended up grinding out 21 hours farming in Wintergrasp for titanium back in World Of WarCraft: Wrath Of Lich King. This dude is probs the biggest gamer I know and yes I don't think his has a life and could give a damn what people think of him or what I put so to sum him up if you play against him he is a real T**T in a good way but also pleased to announce that he will be part of the team at Nicktronic Arts

  • What is your favourite Gears Of War and why?

A. My favourite Gears of War game was definitely Gears of War 3 due to the fact that the storyline to this game I personally find immersed me more than the other 2 games prior to this one. Although I believe the fact I had already played the first and second games in the trilogy it really helped for the understanding and knowledge of the actual story line. I was really impressed with how the characters attitudes evolved from past events for example how Dominic Santiago has a medical form for psychiatric issues after the death of his beloved Maria and further how his story comes to an end within this world of madness.

  • What is it about the Gears Of War that beats any other game on the market?

A. In a nutshell it has to be the combat engine and how it works even though it is not the first ever cover shooter on the market the fact that it has such a fast pace and melee combat when in close range really adds to the game quality and the outcome of each and every situational fight that occurs while your playing, just as an example there is no better feeling than tagging that 1 locust that gets to close with a grenade and being ready for the next target before he has even detonated.

  • If you would recommend the Gears Of War series, which type of gamer apart from a shooter fan would you recommend it to and why?
To be honest there isn't a single type of gamer I would recommend this to who isn't just a shooter fan because it would have to be anyone who can really enjoy the story provided to you in such an epic way. But if there would have to be a choice I would have to say it would have to be a toss up between any science fiction buff or RPG player down to the fact I feel they would enjoy this game for more than just its great graphics.