Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Black ops 2 nuketown 2025

A big hello to all you Call Of Duty fans out their.
The latest news about the latest instalment in the series of the game has just got better, as Activision has announced today that the rumoured map on Call Of Duty: Black Ops, will be returning as a bonus map (if you pre-ordered) for the up coming game Black Ops 2, but will be upgraded into the future.

If you played Call Of Duty: Black Ops then you will know that Nuketown was one of the best maps, it was short, sweat and you get a load of kills and to be honest the map is total mayhem. If you ever got a Chopper Gunner on the game you will know how bad it gets as you rack up the kills.

This is a video on how bad the map can be.

But for some reason for those that have not pre-ordered the game, I doubt that you will miss out completely as they will be release for map pack extensions if not just where you can buy the map on its own, but the best news is that if you pre-ordered the game you will be able to play the map on launch day as well.

we will keep you posted on more Black Ops 2 news the next bit of news is rumoured to be next month, thanks for reading