Friday, 29 June 2012

E3 2012 xbox


First of all I would like to apologize on how long it has taken me to post on E3 2012, due to work and illness I have not been able to post. After looking at all the notes that I wrote and looked at what other websites said about the Xbox, PS3 and Nintendo press conferences, Xbox had more to say that was interesting to gamers. PlayStation had Beyond: Two Souls and The Last Of Us that really caught everybody attention. They did have the Wonderbook but that didn't seem to go down well with other sites, not only that Sony only have 2 new games that are first party for the Vita console. Nintendo gave us information about the Wii u and even that gave left a lot of gamers thinking... what is the point as you can use the Wii original controller instead of the Wii u pad, as the Wii u pad offers little extra during game play, and really is nothing new, but when it comes to the games the console is nothing special, they will play first party games like what the Xbox 360, PS3 and pc get but they will be getting games that have already been out like the batman Arkam city will be launch but with the Wii u pad capabilities, but mainly it was about Nintendo's 3rd party games that they talked about

The Xbox conference

Yes it is that time of the year where game companies around the gaming world come to the event to show off their ideas to the world for the upcoming 12 months, their is Sony's Playstation, Microsoft's Xbox and Nintendo. They all try to put on a show and show off their games/consoles and now ideas for the way we play games. E3 people that work and cannot be at E3 now book a couple of days or even ring in sick, as they stream the confrances online for the masses of hungry gamers to devour and pick the games/consoles etc that they want to buy, and yes we had to watch the events, we will start with Microsoft Xbox Conference, then Sony's Playstation then finishing on Nintendo.

Alot off people are expecting a new xbox the roumours are the xbox 720 or just a upgraded model, playstation, with not much roumours about a new one, many because of of the employees (in a high up place) twitted that their won't be one, But their is one company that will be releasing a mnew console and that company is Nintendo, they annouced last year 2001 at E3 that the new console called the "Wii u" will be their next console. This year they will be showing us games and much more.

Microsoft Xbox presentation. The xbox presentation started off with a small film to promote Halo 4, the film looked awesome and graphics of the ships was impressive overall, this year it was time to show you the game play, and show what 343 Industries had to offer and continue from where Bungie left. The graphics looked impressive and was faultless and with new added enemies that look to be a pain to kill. The thing that I have not done is play Halo 1 and 2 (only played muti-player with friends) I have played the rest from 3 and upwards. Halo 4 looks like a awesome and great art work was great, and the impression that I get from the clip show at the E3 conference is that 343 Industries have done is move back into the direction that Bungie failed in the ODST and Reach, which both of them got bad reviews and price drops in shops that came quickly after... sorry Halo fans but those two games was bad, but on a positive note Halo 4 looks to be the best Halo yet and I cannot wait to buy/play and review.

The next game to hit the stage of E3 Microsoft was the new instalment of Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Splinter cell being in the gaming market for a while and been growing in popularity. The last Splinter Cell even got a midnight launch at most game retailers. Splinter Cell: Blacklist offer awesome graphics that all xbox owners can sink their teeth into, action, and great thrills that all fans can enjoy. The thing I like about this game is the Kinect capabilities. If you just want to hang on a building you can talk to your Kinect and call the enemy over and dispose of them with you awesome stealth that applies so well in all the Splinter Cell games. This seems to be awesome, great graphics, game play and Kinect, but if you have played Ghost Recon: Future solider you will notice the game engine is the same and the scenery is also the same, also the game play, am not saying that this Splinter Cell will be bad, I just saying it is not a improvement in being a different from Ghost Recon. I am sure that all Splinter Cell fans will love this game.

Now down to the EA sports games that got played. Fifa 13, just like most Fifa games but they have gone a bit deeper. They have added Kinect Capabilities, only speech but it works from subbing players to swapping formation all down to your voice without pressing the start button and if you online doing your opponents head in, this all sounds good but EA have added a bonus well if you are someone that hats referees and have bad language issues. Yes you can use bad language while the Kinect is on expect a yellow card from the ref for dissent. The next game buy EA was Madden  NFL, the Kinect features the voice recognition and you can call individual players, change formation, and any type of game play you know to advance down the field and get a touchdown, or you can use your voice for the defence, apart from that a normal NFL game.

One game that had to hit the Microsoft xbox conference was the game a lot of people will be talking about is the high rated game Fable: The Journey. youtube has loads of videos already, but it has to be shown at E3, the video to promote the game was awesome, and showed you what you can expect from the Kinect features. unfortunately there was no information apart from the video, and no release date or year so they must still be working on the title, but im sure it will be a epic game when released.

Forza fans will be in a good mood after game play was shown of the new title called Forza: Horizon. this game rumoured to give you free roam not just going to the race. as always the graphics is awesome, and accurate to models of the car in real life, but if you thing the Top Gear team will be in it you will have to wait to find out. Forza is A game for racing fanatics that im sure cannot wait to get their hands on and play many hours on, but for some reason as in the clip that was shown at E3 they said nothing about free roaming but if it is I am sure it will be a rip off from Need For Speed.

Gears Of War fans was shock at E3 as the next instalment of the game was announced called Gears Of War: Judgement. The game is not a following on from the third game, but 14 years before the first game. All Gears Of War fans thought it was over when the Third title was out but... Really, a bit game as Gears will not stop after three. It is aimed at a 2013 release.

xbox went from games to software that they will be offering to xbox owners, the first part is about entertainment channels, such as Nickalodion, Paramount and Machinima their will be more, but they also went on about a better package with ESPN adding more channels and 24 hour coverage of the the stations. The are also adding NBA,NHL channels as well. and one big channel which was announced last year will be UFC which will be coming, in this you can bet on fights with some credits that you get but their was not much information about how to obtain them if you lose them all.
Xbox Music will be coming a new service from Xbox, this will also be available for all tablet and Smart phones and other devices.
Nike has Partnered up with Xbox, it is called Nike Plus Kinect. This is so you can get fit and train, with real time feedback. The same program you will be using is also used by the professionals. you will get assessed a text from what was being explained at E3. The Software looks corney and bad but this is about getting fit not about the graphical interface, im sure this will do the job it is intended for.

A big announcement from xbox is another feature called Smart Glass. This transforms you device such as you Ipad, phone etc to work along with your xbox, if you are watching a film on your Ipad and pause it, you can pick up from where you left off on you xbox 360, a very good idea, not only that but you can use this to interact with some of your games away, it didn't say at E3 but it looked like you could design a play on a NFL game from you  smart device and use it on your game, the game was not confirmed but im sure it is Madden NFL. (looks like xbox has taken the idea from the Wii u and its pad) It look also like you could use your Smart device on Halo 4, to access way point and other features, another use was turning your phone into a computer mouse, yes you can turn your Smart device into a mouse using it to move like one and using the leaft and right buttons. this part is usefully for the next part of xbox's new software, yes finally Internet Explorer is coming to Xbox and not only that you can use the Kinect to look up web sites and im sure you will use it to fill in forms as well, is fast and I am sure is explorer 9, so their is no need to turn on your laptop or pc to browse the web, and the good news is that it is coming this fall.

Xbox went back to games and showed you the new Tomb Raider, yes it got announced last year, but two weeks ago it got delayed till 2013, but from the presentation last year it looks like they have changed alot of the game, including content and other things the game has to offer for Tomb Raider fans. The games look action packed, great graphics and game play and is more brutal than ever, defo a gae worth looking into.

Now a game that I am looking for and a game that im sure to twins I know that might not get that chance to play will be Resident Evil 6, as they are in south Korea and might not want to get a xbox other there. (yes I know they could do but I just want to rub it in as a far as I know they left their xbox behind) The hype started in January of this year as the advert was parade on sky sports while I was watching WWE: RAW. It was on every time the show went onto commercial. The game looks epic, the graphics is at the top for a Resident Evil game, the Resident Evil game is not in many good books at the moment with bad reviews for the newly released Operation Raccoon City and the two titles for the 3ds, but this one somes up to be the biggest and best. Resident Evil 6 will feature cut scenes but to a blockbuster film quality, awesomely down and faultless I really can't wait for this game to come out.

The End of the whole presentation is Activision Call Of Duty; Black Ops 2, this featured game play from the game and I have to say look brill. the graphics are spiced up and looks like some good work when into it. the part that got show at the presentation was mad, like in a awesome way, where bullets go flying past your head to cars exploding and building collapsing. This all seems to be a good game and perfect, something that you will never forget... but it looks nothing special. Black Ops 2 looks like a normal Call Of Duty in the of the storyline. Their are a couple of things that I am going to make. For one, you are always hang off a cliff or some kind of building of bridge. point 2, you are always getting knocked to the ground and next to dead with all the strawberry jam effect on your screen just before you die, this Call Of Duty titles seems to be crap but in a different toilet.
I am not say that this makes a bad game I just think that they can add better things than the two things that happening all of the previous call Of Duty games, Their are many more things I like about the new title is, the cinematic look good and the best I have seen on Call Of Duty, the Guns look good and I am sure will make a impact on the game overall I think it will have what it takes to be better than Black Ops, even with the story but i just don't understand why such a age gap from when president John F Kennedy was alive to 2025 I think the year was.
I am sure this will not stop the millions queuing up for the midnight launch.