Sunday, 1 April 2012

Game Saved

Hello all

Sorry that we have not posted in a while, been busy, now on to the news. As you have all heard Game went into administration and a company called PWC stepped in and closed 277 stores 2,104 jobs lost and all looking grim and Game over... But no Game was not defeated, a buyer was found and a deal went through and was announced a short time ago today and a company called OpCapita has stepped in a has taken control of Games assets for what is believed to be in the region of £1... yes £1 (from some sources). OpCapita bought comet for £2 when they went into administration last year.

we all know that their is still a room on the high street for a games retailer, its just unfortunately their are more competition but not just in super markets but in the smart phone market. when the xbox 360, ps3, wii and the psp was out, their was not iphone, no apple app store and their was no android market, and now the gaming tables are turning, especially at the non hardcore gamers, why would a game and non gamer pay £40 on a game when they can buy a game just as addictive for 69p and a game called Angry Birds is one of them, with over 6 million downloads, it really puts a heavy weight on the video games industries.

With Game out of administration it don't mean that it is all over, it is rumoured that OpCapita they plan to rehire some of the employees at head office but still plan to cut jobs and make Game a smaller company and start over. OpCapita may have bought Game for a small fee they have to take on games debt of thought to be around £85 million.