Sunday, 4 March 2012

WTF GAME continued

Yes we return to the Attention of game yet again!!!

GAME Group has been grabing our attentions this week about not only that they have lost millions with refunds to customers that pre-ordered Mass Effect 3, but yet again I am Displeased with the lack of knowleadge around games of their release date. This is over a PLAYSTATION Vita game called Unit 13. Unit 13 was to be released on the 3rd March which GAME Group failed (in the stored not online) with the right infomation on the game realese date, and for nearly a week they before the 22nd Feb they changed the date, but the game was to be put back another week. The new officail date now is 9th March, that is all over the websites, but in GAME Groups stores have got it a 7th march release date... WTF GAME sort it out, your supposed to know about games