Friday, 16 March 2012

Moving Forward

Nicktronic Arts is Moving Forward

Finally the Studio of Nicktronic Arts is moving forward in new and technology at a affordable price, starting with the motherboard

 "Asus P8Z68-VGEN Intel Z68 1155 Motherboard" at a cost of  £123.96. This Motherboard look like a beast, and capable to do the job at a high standard, this motherboard comes with Bluetooth and loads more gizmos but not only that it will able me to over-clock my system. 

"Corsair Memory Vengeance LP Blue 8GB DDR3 1600 MHz CAS 9 XMP Dual Channel Desktop Sandybridge" £41.76. Good memory for speed recommended to me but for some reason for this price why should I not get another pair for the same price

"Freezer 13 PRO from Arctic Cooling for Intel" (which says Intel but can be used for AMD cpu's as well) at a cost of £24.71. This CPU heat sink is not for the faint hearted, it is very big... I mean huge when I was ask for how big my PC case was I had to show them what my tower looked like, which I was in luck as Scan Computers still stock my pc case and they said they heat sink will fit in... just about.

Unfortunately I ran out for funding for the cpu only for two weeks, so I will be able to get it and let the awesomeness begin

"Intel CPU Core i5 Unlocked 2500K Sandy Bridge Quad Core Processor" Originally I was going to get the Bulldozer FX 8 core but after looking at various of websites the 8 core Bulldozer is useless and not worth it. when compared to the Intel i5 it wiped the floor with it and seems to be the best bet.

Even after these 3 parts are added it still won't end their, a new graphics card is in order as mine was a quick buy as the old one broke on me, so to continue with the game designing a half descent one was needed.

A lot of people will disagree with me on the choice of products as their is a rival fan base between AMD and Intel, also Nvidia and ATI, but their are many websites out their that just put the infomation to consumers of the performance of a certain product being one of them, and for the page I looked at it didn't look good for the bulldozer, and pretty much all reviews start they are awful and they ended up buying the i5.

Now on to the graphics cards makes Nvidia and ATI. Their are a lot of laptops that provide ATI cards as they are cheaper to sell and better for budget pc's/laptops but they are not the best if you are hardcore for design. In the games design program I use called "UDK" they have options for the use of only Nvidia graphics cards for the physics and a few more things, as most of the cards that you buy from Nvidia have a physics card built into the graphics card as well as a few other cards, I'm not sure if ATI do it but I have not seen one yet. To be honest all the graphics that I have invested in have all been by Nvidia they have never let me down and have last all they way through the warranty.
People say to me that ATI made the first working Direct 11 compatible cards but so what Nvidia brought out their range of cards and perfected it, reviews  and the sites that deal with the technical stuff show the results.

Away from all of that, their is the hardware line up within the next two weeks, their will be loads of adtions to the system, such as a SSD (Solid State Drive or Solid State Disk) they are expensive and don't really get a lot for your money but they are faster and better. they are mainly used just to store the OS (Operating System) and the most high demanding software that require amazing speeds.

Thanks for reading and the review for Gears Of War 3 has not been forgotten just applying finishing touches sorry on the delay