Tuesday, 21 February 2012

PlayStation Vita fail


The PlayStation Vita is now available for release now and I'm excited for the launch at GAME at their 8am opening. Yes 8am no Mid-Night launch for this console. But why? That is the one thing that is on my mind and has really done my head in as I love the mid-night launch, as you get that awesome rush of energy just as the clock hit 00:01 knowing you will have the console as the new day starts you have that game or that console you have been waiting for for so long has finally come.

 The PlayStation Vita will not be available for mid-night launch in many game shops apart from the 24 hour stores i.e ASDA and TESCOS. Which now question me to believe that the console may not be as good as Sony, GAME and GAMESTATION think, like come on why would GAME and GAMESTAION both not do mid-night launches if they have sold loads of the console as the consoles range from £229 - £279, as they will be able to pay their staff etc, so hmmmmmm

I enjoyed my experience with the console but with 25 titles that did not frill me. The game I am looking forward to is Unit 13 with did get put pack to the 3rd March, which GAME and I assume GAMESTATION has put right after a number of customers have gone into game and asked about the date mix up, but should it be up to the customer to update the game stores so close to the release date? ... The answer is NO.

So on a whole in Wigan with two with of the biggest game companies GAME and GAMESTATION not doing a mid-night launch for the Sony PlayStation Vita not having a mid-night launch this is not looking good, so sorry  PlayStation fan boys you have been beaten by Nintendo with it 3DS