Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Game bust with EA

Could this be game over

Shares in Game Group (including Gamestation as they are owned by Game Group) stock prices crash by 20% after they confirm that they will not be stocking some of the best games that are to be released.

As some of you may have heard about Game Group (including Gamestation) that they will not be stocking any new titles from EA games and they will not be stocking the Mario Party 9, and everyone that has pre-ordered the game will get a free refund. Gamestation will be giving you back your money not sure it is money on how you paid or card or if it is store credit etc, their has been a rumour that some are also offering £5 vouchers for the hassle untill april 16th, but their is some news for SSX fans, they will be stocking that game, after that their will be no new titles from EA.

So why is this?

Shares within the company crashed to 20% at one point was just over 5p.

Game has blamed a dispute with gaming giant Electronic Arts (EA Games) which is the publisher of the title Mass Effect 3. 

A spokesmen for EA said: "Game challenges with several of its suppliers is regrettable, however given the incredibly high demand for Mass Effect 3, we want our consumers to know that the game will be available at a wide variety of retailers across the UK and Europe"

Game group also confirmed that they will not be stocking Nintendo's Mario party 9 and that is the best Mario selling series which is out this friday 2nd march.

A spokesman from Game Group has commented saying "We are in talks with Nintendo to resolve this and we apologise to our customers for this disappointing news," a Game spokeswoman said. "We're doing as much as we can to give our customers the widest possible range, but as flagged before, we need our partners' help in order to do this."

With the problem with EA one of Game Group's main supplier out of the scene it will make you unsure of EA's future games like, Fifa 13, Tiger Woods golf game and Sims 3; showtime.

The biggest problem is that game has got it main competitors, Amazon, blockbuster and many more. Their is also is another problem, smartphone apps are not helping. money is hard to come by these days, and do really people want to spend up to £200 per console and £40 per game when you can by a smartphone app for 69p like Angry Birds etc so this does not help. 

But is this the end for Game Group? well no, I remember speaking to a manager at game and he told me that the company really pecks when a new game console launches, such as the xbox 360 etc comes out, so with the Nintendo's Wii U to be released this year and with and expected updated Xbox 360/new Xbox to be announced this year/next year it may be able to provide more revenue for the troubled company, but I asked him the when their was not a recession on.

This is a huge problem for all us gamers please game don't go out of business.