Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Studio Relocating

It's Time To Move On

Yeap Nicktronic Arts is moving from the boring place of Hindley Green to a even more boring Place called Abram both within Wigan still. Hindley Green for me is boring, but also the place is over crowded with children. it's quite stressful that everywhere you turn you could be bumping into a child, where as Abram is much more quieter, so it is more easier to concentrate with important matters such as review games, and soon designing games which will be flooding on here soon.

So what does this mean about the Gears Of War 3 review?

The Gears Of War review has been put on hold because we are sorting our new premises out, just paint the place and then moving the new furniture in. After all that has been sorted Gear Of Was 3 will be done.

We have played bits of Gears Of War 3, just the horde mode and we love it, so we are surprised to say that we think we will enjoy it and Gears Of War is a game we have shied away from 

When will the games designing part be sorted and be published?

we are taking a break from games design at the moment due to power of the software that you now need to make games nowadays, systems have to be upgraded and are currently looking for the best equipment for the job. Parts to be bought at scan computers

see you soon game lovers