Monday, 2 January 2012


Gamer's I am proud to introduce Skyrim.

As we all know Skyrim won game Of The Year 2011, congratulations to Bethesda's Studios for the game and also for winning Game Studio Of The Year.

Fans of The Elder Scrolls game series have created their own that many others will appreciate 
here is some of the fans work and appreciation of Skyrim.

Skyrim is the one of the best graphical role playing game to date, nothing will beat it for a good while I can assume. 
Skyrim uses a engine called "Creation engine" and uses another called "Havok Physics" these both have crafted a nice landscape for this world that will have all the rpg lovers mouths water.

This new generation of rpg games are changing the way and style on how they are played so they can attract a wider audience of players and the rpg games over the recent years have rapidly increased i.e World Of Warcraft being a huge example, with the millions of players that play it and for people managing to run their careers on it selling accounts or gold for real money etc. (stupid but their are desperate people in this world that play the game)
Skyrim, goes back to the grass roots or all the rpg's so if you are planning on getting this game, or have it and is in a relationship say good bye to it, as people have been reported to have spent over one hundred hours of game play on it.

The game really goes into learning professions where a player will spend hours forging weapons, mixing potions at the alchemy, enchanting weapons etc the list goes on, but you won't just spend hours doing that, you will spend alot of the time on the road leveling your characters, and just going to where you point your character to the horizon, or course you can fast pace on your map to the place you want to go to but the chance of battling a dragon (if your high and good enough) or any other type of monster, human etc to level up you character .

their is so much you can do, marry, buy houses, ready every book in the library at the collage, join a guild. Around every corner their is something to fight, or in a village or city their is someone to talk to, or a discovery to be made. he thing that grabs the player in the most is that it makes you feel part of the world, the worst part about is that you will need loads amount of time to spend of it because the Skyrim world becomes your world.

With all this their is a story line, and you start from escaping from the headman's chop block, and let loose in the world of Skyrim, with just the minimum of essentials, in themselves and the world around them they have come to be in. Skyrim has two fronts: civil war and a dragon race that was thought to be extinct.

The player will find them selves leveling the character, also their weapons, magic and so does the experience by using that weapon or magic. Once that XP hits the next level you get a talent point you can assign to a skill of their liking. In this way the player can play the game in what ever way they want to. If you want to just kill and move on then leveling your sword will help you to do so, you might want to use magic or you may want to sneak past the enemy then you will need to level both.

So, with some information about the game, may your time be taken into a world you will find it hard to get out of, hope your boss will belive when you ring is saying you have the black death, and let your friends and family know  that you are well enough and not to contact police because they have not seen them mainly because you have not come out of your bedroom  for a month.

Skyrim awaits you, all it asks for.... IS YOUR LIFE
...well 90% of it