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PlayStation Vita

PlayStation Vita On Tour

Gamers lend me you eyes and mind
I can now say that Nicktronic arts travelled to view the PlayStation Vita. To have a go on the Vita we went to the city of Manchester (England) to see if the PlayStation Vita really is as good as Sony says they are. Will the handheld console make a come back over smart phones!

The Tech

The PlayStation Vita is like holding a PlayStation 3 in your very hand, it is not a powerful as a PlayStation 3 but not really that far off, it has really great graphics, set to have a better online experience, more ram than a ps3, the PS3 having 256 MB and the Vita having 512 MB. The Vita also has a ARM Cortex A9 4 core CPU (processor), the ipad and iphone have A9 cpu's but they are only dual core processors, and named as apple A5 processors. The Vita has 2 cameras one on the front and one on the back, the Vita has to touch screen the front normal game screen that you will interact and play your games, and the one at the back is just for controlling this is called "The rear muti-touch pad", it comes load with a six axis motion pad simalar to ipad and most smart phones for when you tilt your consoles, GPS and 3G (extra £50)
(The rear touch panel)
The tech is good and the employees of Sony PlayStation was not afraid to answer any questions, they also was not afraid to say what they think. after asking about specific questions I had to ask was about the 3G.

Q. What does the 3G enable the Vita to do?
A. The 3G is for online browsing the internet. The Vita is good with facebook games and is not for Vita games to be played online as the speed will not meet the requirements.

Being out in the high streets nothing says anything about the Vita not being able to play the Vita games online in the advertisement or the small print within the advertisement, so that is misleading as some people will belive that they can play Vita games online, well maybe if they are not a mini game.

The cameras are not the best but everyone that I have spoke to that have games consoles (excluding smart phones) Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi XL and the PSP (has a detacted camera) they do not use the cameras on the consoles, but some game for the Vita you will need the camera.

The Vita processors are really good and fast but so has ipad 2 and iphone 4s, they both have A9 cpu's but they are only dual core processors, and named as apple A5 processors.

The touch screen has advanced alot and are better responsive and the quality of the picture is better thanks to its OLCD (Organic light-emitting diode) 

(The OLCD screen)

Our Thoughts

The Vita is a good console but like most consoles the console get better as the journey goes on, the games for us is poor, and lacking really exciting games that will make people talk about and will talk about the Vita, but it depends on the user and what type of games he or she likes. But what games console that has been released and on launch day have had good games that people will talk about?

Augmented Reality is becoming big now, but their are alot of people that think it is new... but its not.
Augmented reality came around in the 1990 by Tom Caudell. since then it has been used mainly on sports programs where the presenters will draw on a tv to show you tactics and where players move, or on Nfl shows when you see the yellow line that shows where the attacking (offensive) team has to pass to get their first down.

The vita is really light, just a bit heavier than a psp with it batty out, or if you have a barn owl then you will know how light it is, and yes I have a barn owl. the vita is also very comfy to hold and well, the thing I like about the Vita is that it don't dig into my hands, unlike the Nintendo 3DS with the corners, also their is a place to rest your fingers with the rear touch panel, unlike the ipod/iphone which both don't provide. The thing I didn't like was that I thought was the analogue sticks where to high up, and the analogue stick on the right (near the x, square, o, and triangle buttons) where to close together, and the x, square, o and triangles where to small, smaller than the ones on psp.
The battery life is mixed but according to the staff of Sony PlayStation it last for about 5 hours, but really don't smart phones last just as long, and also you have a powerful peace of kit in your hands come on people.  According to one of the Sony PlayStation employees said that only the Sony SD card will work in the Vita, so I can Imagine the prices will be high as you wont be able to use any other brand of SD card, but for some reason someone in the world will find out how to hack another brands SD card and but it on youtube. Also according to some site that I have read the Vita will not be region locked so you will be able to to play games from U.S.A if you live in England or japan etc.

When walking around employees had the Vita in their hands, for me this was a great importunity for me to interrogate them, when asking them to look at it without it being chained up, and looking at the bottom of the console I learn that their is no disk, It will be like a SD card type thing, they didn't really have any to show me, but next to the Vita game port, it had another slot which I assumed was the SD slot as asked was it, but the employees said it was not the SD slot and was for something else which Sony has not told them what the slot is for... awesome not. So we will have to wait.

The Games

The first game I went on was Wipeout: 2048 was a okies games for the racer fans but I wasn't keen on it, the game  was really hard to control but the graphics impressed me more on the scale of the ps3 (wipeout HD) . The next was Uncharted: Golden Abyss, another grapical break through closing graphics to Uncharted 3, but some of the chapter seem to be the same as some of chapters off Uncharted 3, I have never played Uncharted 3 but after watch some friend that have it and videos that I have watched over the recent months made the games really familiar.

Little Big Planet did impress me, and look better than the first ps3 game and used every bit of technology the PlayStation Vita has to offer, which include the frount and rear touch panels, gyroscope and camera, the game demo was the best game for me as it showed what the Vita has to offer.

Reality Fighters seems fun but not a game I would buy, the customization was limited and the sailor girl with blouse and skirt look was not for me. The fighting was better than I expected.

Modnation is a game I have never played, nor hasn't been a game I have been interested in... and I still it remains the same. I have played Mario Kart 7 and that remains a better game out of the two.

Finally, I played on on Everybody's Golf, and I enjoyed it, again it looked like a PS3 title and the extra tech built in the Vita worked well like the AR view worked really well, but it don't really interest me.

Luckily their is light at the end of the tunnel, Speaking to a employee he said that Call Of Duty 3 wwill be release for the Handheld system, also Call Of Duty Vita will be another title from Activision, also a game with hype is called Unit 13, this was supposed to be a launch game but has be but back to the 6th march, the game is made zipper Interactive the same studio that made Socom, that is a game I am looking forward to.

In total their will be about 25 games on launch only ten of them will be in shops the rest will be on the PlayStation Network Store.

The Conclusion

Will the PlayStation Vita take over the Nintendo 3DS?
Hmmmm maybe, the Vita is a very interesting piece of kit, but with the console costing £220 (starting price for the non 3G model) £270 (3G model) and for the games which some will cost around £44.99 for the top games, and this is the UK (well Europe) we will get no memory card, yes people no memory card. like what the hell even when you bought a psp which had a highier price on it yo still got a memory card, think it was a 16 mb but still it was something, with the Nintendo 3DS we got a 2 GB memory card,Ok I think price is abit high but on the other hand I don't, think the public will go for the 3DS as the price is low and selling well, as well it does have a few good exclusive and is selling well, which makes makes me wounder if Sony has learned anything from it past mistakes. But I hope im proven wrong

Well this is my report for the PlayStation Vita, I can say that I will be buying one, and have recommended it to friends and will be doing a full coverage on it as I will have more time to play it.


That is me in the picture only finished work so I quickly went to Manchester and had to wait for a bus then on a 40 min journey to Manchester.

Their is another compartment on the right looks like a memory card slot, and that that is the slot that non of the Sony employees knows what the usage is for... that is kinda bad 

Here is the trailer of Unit 13

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