Monday, 30 January 2012


PlayStation Vita Mess Up

Hello gamers global,

I finally have pre-ordered the PlayStation Vita, and can't wait till the release date, but their is a problem with one of the games... and it is a game I want, it is called "Unit 13" the problem is the mix up with the release date. websites like Gamestation, GAME are saying 7th March but if you go in store at Game it still has a release date of 22 Feb (also the release date for the Vita) 

After I went to Manchester to view the PlayStation Vita one of the employee told me about the game and the release date of Unit 13, which I was excited for as it is made by the same studio that made Socom (zipper interactive), when I went to pre-order the Console at GAME I saw that it had the Unit 13 advertise as one of the launch titles for the PS Vita, when I questioned a manager  (think it was a assistant) at GAME he said "As far as we know it is a release date game, and have had no news on its change of date." what the hell, he really has not checked website clearly, but if a member of the public has said that a member of the Sony PlayStation staff told them about the release date is wrong then you would think the employee of GAME would check up on it, not only that they are now taking £10 deposit on the console even tho they are still advertising the console deposit at £20/£25. come on GAME sort it out
GAME in Wigan