Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Declassified

This is the most important game for the PlayStation Vita console as at the moment it is not hitting the headlines, when it comes to games. the preloaded operated software that comes has also had problems that critics has hit at, but with Sony bringing out new update for the Vita to enhance some settings and also to able you sign into many e-mail addresses when checking e-mails which not even many smartphones can do... but critics hit out at that as you have to refresh the pages to see if you have new e-mails where as most smartphones and tablets will tell you if you have a new e-mail instantly. The PlayStation Vita is a good console but with no backers when it comes to software, and every games developer that has come to aid has made a badly designed game. EA Games with FIFA for example, the first one FIFA 12 was not so bad for the launch release but not much has happened to FIFA 13. Their was no new change, their was no intelligence added, so the players was still as dumb as FIFA 12, Really it was just a new skin and roster update... Really EA no one will by these games if you put no effort into these games.

Now it is for Activision to take its turn and bring one of the biggest games to the Vita, this game will attract people to buy this console and sales did nicely to improve it but will the be a waste of our money to buy the game or will it be a awesome investment?  find out and read on.

The Game

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Declassified is based on events that happen between Black ops 1 and the 2, you find out what Mason and the team got up to. Not only that you have the awesome muti-player that Call Of Duty has brought to us since Modern Warfare 4. (the first one) this all sounds awesome. The first Call Of duty on handheld with the muti-player most of us has played... It is the complete opposite, the game its self was not made by Treyarch, and at Gamescon in Germany a spokesman for Activision knew nothing about the game. The Developer's name is called nStigate Games.

What can I say about Black Ops Declassified?

Its awful... Just awful. The Gameplay has gone back in time, the graphics is worse than something on the PSP console if not worse. It is like no effort has put any effort into the game at all, plus for the zombie lovers out their that will not be included, The campaign has around 12 levels to go through and each last only a couple of minetes maybe up 5 mins, I manage to complete the game in 42 mins... okey it was on easy but still 42 mins and at the same price as the normal console (£44.99) really does put doubt in mind in why the hell have I bought something so bad, and really is hard for me to swallow.

The survival mode is not good aswell. The main things for me is one the gameplay, the over-sensitivity is way off, and way to much for when you want to look up turn round etc, it really is bad... we worse than bad. I have had to lower my sensitivity to 2 and that is to powerful, not only that  you cannot see many objects that you may end up running into unless you really look down, and when their are up to a dozen of enemies shooting you it is something you do not have time for, and you will die.

The online is same as survival mode just with other players 4v4, their are different modes, team death match, domination etc, I have played a few games and still seeing that other players are struggling to cope with the gameplay as you can go round with a shotgun and kick ass, that is if you have managed to get used to the gameplay. The game its self does not feel like a Call Of Duty we all know love and hate if anything it feels like counter strike (not saying that counter strike is bad because it is not) for the PC and handles like your on the PC.

My biggest problem with the game is the commercial that states you have pin point accuracy... that is a lie the whole advert is a lie, do I think Activision care... No, I think that they knew this was going to be bad but it is a test to see if the game sells and to see what it will be like. If I am not mistaken their is yet to be a dedicated Game engine that suits the Vita. Also why should companies put alot of effort in making the games to a high standard spending million when the console is not selling, but gamers can reverse that question if the quality is not their then why will people buy the console. My guess is that the Vita will only start doing well when the PlayStation 4 comes out and when the developmental kits get more advanced and when developers have a better understanding of how the Vita performs.

The conclusion

Call Of Duty Black Ops Declassified is awful and the best way to describe it is like something coming out of you back passage and also looks like it as well, so because of this I cannot give it a score. The gameplay is bad and with awesomely small campaign this game is just a waste of time and money. Offline is just as bad as the online play. I also think that £44.99 is a very high price for a unfinished game and I am sure this game is nothing but just a game to increase the Vita's sales as well as a test. the only good point will be when you trade this game in and also you do not have to have a code to play it online like other games.

Over the past year I have done some game news, been to the Playstation Vita Tour and done some reviews plus spoke about some games and now I am going on a little break to start new project that will be to do with this blog and Nicktronic Arts I will still be writing but not as much and will be doing the rare review im thinking over posting maybe one or two small things this month and I am looking into creating a new map for Counter Strike: Global Offensive and might be one for Dota 2... or maybe non of any them. I might go a design a level using the Unreal Engine or maybe the CryEngine we will see what path I come across I am hoping to get involved with what is happening at crytek with the Time Splitter project as they are needing people to sign a petition also they want over 100,000 people to like their page on facebook before they consider to create a new game. Here is the link please like and pass on to friends

Friday, 16 November 2012

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Review

Hello Gamers, we are at the last part of the gaming event of the year. (Medal Of Honor: Warfighter, Halo 4 and now Call Of Duty) these are the games with the biggest hype and that people mainly talk about, and for me the last review up to date review for the year. (meaning for the game that has just come out) Okay lets get down to business.

Call Of Duty is the biggest game that every or most of all gamers talk about. I have been to the last 3 (Modern Warfare 2, Black ops, Modern warfare 3) mid-night launches and they are just getting bigger and bigger. The Call Of Duty launch seems to be more of a celebration than just a launch of a game. The atmosphere is always getting better... But will this game be worth the wait for over 2 hours in the que?


Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 does not have the graphics like Halo 4 and Medal Of Honor: Warfighter. In fact the graphics are just the same as the last black ops, no improvement... yes nothing... but I think that the game needs to take a break... why because it is nothing fresh, it is lacking things that the other games now have. the storyline is mainly all the same, and like wrestling it is good to watch and play but you just know what is going to happen, it is just so predictable and unless you just want the achievements of the game, it just is not worth playing if you want to to have a new experience that is.

So am I saying that the storyline is rubbish? No I am saying that it lacks new stuff and is nothing special. The storyline is good, and interesting when you get up to speed later on in the game. During the early stages of the campaign I found it hard to understand. One minute you are fighting a solider or are you playing a handy capped person in his story. which one is it? It is one to the other very quickly and is hard to follow at times. After that calms down you do find yourself in a epic storyline, and you just want to play more, I did not find a boring part in it, Treyarch do well to entice the player in this epic part of the campaign.

They have also added some side missions in the campaign and the only problem is that if you skip them you cannot return. Call Of Duty: Black Ops put in the vehicles mission in, which seems to tradition in first person shooter games have.. but their is one problem, driving has not changed since Call Of Duty: The Finest Hour. The Controls are flimsy and just again out dated and do not give you the driving experience of Medal Of Honor: Warfighter, and their is room to add a bit of a better experience of Forza or a driving game alike. This makes it hard to enjoy really as it is just to far behind than the other games.

The Strike Team Missions even lack depth, a great idea that fails to execute. This is missions that you control four different units from a over-view, which that becomes so mental you get over run easy and end up just picking up a gun and end up doing the job yourself.

This was the best video I could find

So the campaign sounds bad and it is bad but sometime bad is good, we take that bad games end up being the best. Corney seems the way to go with Call Of Duty because we are not interested in the Campaign. With Black Ops its all about online, with zombies and the other muti-player modes.


  • Zombies

This is a mode that people enjoy and love, some play nothing but zombies, it took off that good it was also made into a mobile app on the iphone, android and other mobile devices. In Black Ops 2 you have more than just the regular survival mode, just last as long as you can, wave after wave of zombies come to kick the hell out of you, Trearch have added some differant game modes which include TranZit, and a mode where you are in 2 different team and have to out last the other, the TranZit is a good map. It is fun and something new, after escaping the diner you have to jump on a bus and try to stop the zombies getting on the bus by boring up windows and ceilling of the bus, as it drops you off at deiffernt destination. Zombies are really a good edition to Black Ops making it better and more enjoyable to forget about the campaign.

  • PVP

Online is just like other Call Of Duty maps, But Black Ops has a bit of a different feel to it. It is more fun to play and some levels you have to climb ladders, one has a train that moves, door open also. The only thing that bothers me up to now is where players go round pack hunting (meaning more than one) mainly in pairs, and if you have a Remington your screwed and less the other person is that dumb, or the other play is stood within range to get the double kill. The shotgun can easy kill and seems to be a main weapon to use by most players on the game. One of the biggest problem that all Call Of Duty faces online is the cheaters with the modded xbox and controllers. after playing Call Of Duty since the very first Modern Warfare you can tell the difference between speeds on the perk rapid fire and and a control mod, which Activision never really do enough to stop it. Another thing is that it is very laggy and they really do need to get dedicated server into the game as host servers really do kill the game dead, if you have someone that has a service provider from Talk Talk or Plus Net you really are screwed.


Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 really is a game that is getting behind in times and gameplay is in need of a change, the driving is no difference from Call Of Duty: The Finest Hour and the storyline is the same turd but in a different toilet. Would I recommend this? Yes the levels and storyline is bad and that makes it fun and enjoyable cannot really explain it just does and all my xbox friends and friend that I know say the same thing, and online is all the same you just want to play more. My rating 7.9

Due to problems and the time to do this I was not able to upload my own gameplay videos.

The next review will be the PlayStation Vita version of Black Ops. This version was not made by Treyarch, the game is made by a company called nStigate Games, They also made Resistance: Burning skies.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

In The Black Ops Queue

The time has come to queue for the biggest game of the year, I joined the queue at 21:45 (9:45pm) and I am 21 out of 24 people in the queue.
The atmosphere is building with now 2 hours to go. Their is one business man that is being cleaver. He owns paper shop and is not missing out on the opportunity to make extra money.

22:15 (10:15 pm) There are now over 40 people in line all of us gamers waiting to get our hands on Call Of Duty: Black Ops game

22:42 (10:42 pm) Queue has just reached CEX queue is about 25 yard from me and is getting bigger and bigger

23:09 (11:09pm) The queue is now 50 yards long and is getting bigger and th atmosphere is getting better, a man has just walked past and was shocked and said "f**k sake this queue is f***king huge"

23:42 (11:42 pm) now in the shop very busy and going to be a hard night for the people working in at the store. The store is full on the inside and is their is still alot of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2.

23:42 (11:50 pm) Member of staff comes round with merchandise trolley

00:01 (12:01 am) They start serving

00:12 (12:12 am) I get served for Call Of Duty Black ops (for XBOX 360 and PS Vita) and got a goody bag (for the first 10 people that bought a season pass )

00:13 (12:13 am) Go out side after having a quick service and go out side to see the queue is still long (going to be a while before the last customer gets severed) and going to be a long night for the staff at game
This is why people queue up rather than go at the last minute... an less you go to HMV where their was people around 23:50 (11:50 pm)

Monday, 12 November 2012

Call Of Duty: Blac Ops Launch Night

On Monday 12th November is one of gamer most important night on the calander as it is the lanuch night of the new Call Of Duty, thousands of gamers will be queing up for the mid-night launch. this year is going to be one of the most for GAME Group stores as they has shut alot of them down when they went into administation, earlyier on this year. they have opened some stores on is in Watford. Where I will be sadly Gamestion got shut down, leaving only teh one GAME store, which is set to be bigger than ever. I love the Call Of Duty Launches at my GAME store, and I like the staff their as well. they are friendly and was willing to wait an extra 20 mins for me for the Halo 4 game  and they was about to close as well. but unfortunalaty due to the fog and finishing late at work ended me not going as taxi's would not come to where I live due to the fog, I did let them know that I couldn't make it

I will be going to the mid-night launch cannot wait for it, will be taking photos of the event and hopefully the awesome staff at the GAME store. I am sure that it will be a awesome night as it always is. Hope that all you traveling will have a save journey and have a awesome time.

Halo 4 Review


As we all know it is that time of the year where EA Games and Activision go head to head with their first person shooters, but this year their is a new entry and that is Microsoft Studio's game developer 343 Industries Halo 4, and it is next up to into the console and try to wow us all as this is part of the Master Chief. Yes they have done other Halo projects such as Halo: Reach and the redone Halo: Combat Evolved. Now with Halo: Reach I wasn't happy with I didn't like the game online, I didn't like the game play, I didn't like any of it at all. Does this mean that I don't like halo... well no. I like Halo to a extent as I have only played Halo 3 and upwards and only played Halo 2 with friends on split screen and link up, so I do like the game. Halo 3 is one of my favourite games. The game play is good, the online is awesome and the forge is something that took designing/editing your level to a new level when it was released and that idea of customising you level has been used in other games such as Trails HD being one of them, and how can I forget about Master Chief. A hero, a character that children want to be and adult geeks with to much money, that will spend a couple of thousand on the adult suit. So yes I like Halo... But only the games that stick to the Master Chief storyline.


After watching the cut scene I am impressed the graphics are awesome, the acting in the voice is also good. The graphics are just like Medal Of Honor: Warfighter, if not better. Even the in game graphics are good. The Warthog Car has been redone to make it look more real and life like, as well with all the other vehicles on Halo 4. The game play has been spiced up, and run has also been added. Cortana has been worked on and looks more believable.

I like the start of the campaign, yes it is a bit like the other Halo games but better detail but it does not even feel repetitive you get the feeling of awesomeness, all this feels good with the new enemies called Prometheans on their way.

The Prometheans are very good enemies they are aggressive, and will come at you fast, they are also annoying and their is one problem. They are like the Covenant in every way just in a different skins.

The Prometheans enemies;


  • Crawler
The most popular of the Prometheans on requiem. They are very agile and move in packs, they used bolt shot from a distance and when in swarm they can really put your shield down, but you can save bullets by melee.
  • Crawler Snipe 
These are like grunts, when it comes to a easy kill in smaller numbers you might as well save on ammo and melee them and move on, they are fast and in numbers will drain your health, they will go onto the walls and shoot you, bit of a tip wait till they stop as they will only stop to shoot when they on the walls.

  • Alpha Crawler
They are like the Snipe but will take 2/3 melee hits before they die, these are faster, better weapon and generally better and more cunning.


  • Knight Lancer
These are like scouts and marksman  they are also marksman and great at tracking when you are behind solid objects as well

  • Knight Commander
As the name says they command the other knight's they have good combat skills, they wield incineration cannons, have stronger armour and can deploy floating autossentry turrets
  • Knight Battlewagon
These enemies are very rare but the are also extremely dangerous, they are deploy when other knights have failed. They have heavy armour and a hard light shielding, they also can use the autossentry turrets. Getting close to these are not easy and can be a challenge, they use the scatter shot against enemy targets. 

What do I think Of The Campaign?

The Campaign wasn't that bad, I found it hard to understand but I am sure it is due to the amount that I rushed to complete it, I did watch all the cut scenes, but still it could not sink in. The graphics are at the top of the range, and game play is better than the other Halo's that I have played. I like that I can run and that you have think about when and where you have to move to. The thing that did annoy me was that if you realized and watch the Prometheans they have the same pattern and if you watch them you will be able to pick them off easy. 


I love the muti-player, it seems more fun that the last Halo's, it is great with friends as well as on your own. the online experience gives you a kick and want to play it more, normally with games the graphics lack abit as really no one care if your trying to kill someone, but they have maintain this and add a great scenery too. their is one thing that lets it down, as different  as Halo is to other shooters, it does not feel revolutionary, it is not fresh, but I suppose nowadays shooters have no new ideas to keep the games fresh online, apart from different naming of the games.


Halo 4 is not a bad game, nor is it great. A few new feature in game play that should of been added along time ago makes Halo a bit behind, but this does not effect the game. I think 343 Industries could of made more of the enemy, as they have a pattern that can be worked out and easy killed when you do, and with the technology available within the game engines now they could of made them more challenging, but the enemies look good and have their advantages. The online is good and for those that seek only to play the online this is a must by, with stunning graphics and game play mixed in with challenges this really is something you can stick your teeth into. The game modes are limited but their are other things to do, create your own level in the Forge and have a laugh with your friends, test out their levels as well them test out your skills.
I would recommend this. 

Overall rating 8.7

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Halo 4

As we all know Halo 4 is about to be released on the 6th November, at first I wasn't going to get the game before I played and reviewed Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 but due to e-mail and friends asking me to get and review it, and I am now happy to say that I will be reviewing it. I am not a huge Halo fan but I also don't despise it either, so it will be a fair review. I have played halo 3 and upwards and some experience with halo 2 messing around with friends on multi-screens and link ups but that is about it. My favourite Halo game is 3, due the storyline, graphics, game play and how good it was online. The bad thing is that I won't be in the line to collect the game as I am working a late shift at work. GAME (where I have pre-ordered it from) have ensured me that they will be open between 2-3 am as this game is big, and maybe one of the biggest games that is an exclusive. Hopefully I will make it and then let the fun begin.

Halo's hype begun in 2011's E3 when they had a little clip that announced Halo 4 will be coming our way and created loads of rumours since then, and then this year at E3 we go shown some awesome game play and  also made a mini series to promote which are on youtube and other sites that very up to 20 minutes in length. I have yet to watch them but will do before Halo comes out. 

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Review


It comes to that time of year again where EA Games and Activison face off against each other and as usually EA Games are up first. I have played most of EA's Dice and Close Combat games before from the start of Battlefield: Bad Company all the way to this and I have to say after Bad Company it has just gone down hill. Tho the graphics are good and also the game play they lack to tell a good storyline that last or do they really make a change and make any new touches to the game modes online, and to me it seems like a monkey tries harder to itch its back passage than what EA do to a good game any more, last year they released a new game engine called Frostbite 2 and although it was a success the delivery of the designers lacked with school boy errors and misplacement of objects and lighting... Yes that has been fixed now but it is something that shouldn't have been done as they have gone to universities etc, but not even the game testers picked up on it to.

The Stroyline

The hype that has been built up by EA GAMES has been big as always but can they thrill, excite or like normal be a flop, I hope not as this is a game that I have been looking forward to since I heard of it, I just hope it is not going to be a disappointment like the last Medal Of Honor.
            (Cut Scene)(Your Game Character)

After about 1 hour I have up to now got a nice thing about the game, the graphics have been cleaned up and the more smother than on Battlefield 3, the cut scenes rival Resident Evil 5 and the acting is brilliant for a game and if you have a full 1080p Hi def screen then your really in for a treat. The characters really look next to real but that is really the main characters .. well lets say they don't look as good. their is parts where you look at the ceiling and it looks out of this world. If you work in a office or a place that has like a plastered tills etc you will know what I mean, but you can see the texture well. even the phone that your character uses looks like it is a real one and not some shabby lets try to convince you but does not. Your character throws his phone down on the bed again looks very life like when the phone hits the bed, the physics are really second to none. so up to now I am happy with the storyline.. I was till I got up to this bit in the story line where you call in some air support on a church and their is what I think a massive bug. you get in to the helicopter firing down on enemy targets and that is great but it is after when you have finished with the helicopter. the noise stays with you from the helicopter/mini gun firing and the helicopter is nowhere in view and one of the soldiers says "where is the air support?" so why do I still hear the helicopter/it's guns then???????   seems to me a bug in the system there, this bug went when I restarted the mission.
                         (Another Cut Scene)

This sounds good, awesome graphics, game play and physics along side of good cut scenes acting etc but heir are some bad things that are letting the game down, such as the A.I of team, they are dumb to the extreme, the worst that I have seen, unfortunately I have not played Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, which got slated for it awful A.I but I am sure if you have you may be able to compare. Your team mates will jump out in front of the enemy and ignore them as if they was not there, as that enemy will shot you, they do a load of other daft stuff that will do your head in as well, they will jump in front of your line of sight and as soon as your about to shoot, it is like playing left 4 dead (the first one) with Francis (the coloured character) where he will some who come from nowhere and jump in front of you, this is really annoying, another thing that does my head in is that some of the stuff in the game is not a new idea, as some things you have to do is in previous Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare games mainly to but delivered poorly at that. Call Of Duty was just mad and intense when it came to the chase scenes, they was fast and made you think WTF, this game does not deliver in the mad in your face, but it is forgiven as you take in the awesomeness of the graphics, physics all rolled into one
                            (Game Play)

One thing that needs to be mentioned that I like is the humour that is in the game, it will make you giggle at least, one of the seems is where you have to breach through a wall and you use a breach charge and on the charge it has a funny face and the words "knock knock" that to me is funny, the game has many witty parts in it and does keep the game alive for me.
Here is one video of the high quality cut scene and it looks the same quality on the xbox

The Feel Of The Game.

It does not feel to much of a Battlefield but it does not feel like a Medal Of Honor, if anything I think it is kind of like Call Of Duty but in 3rd person and a bit closer in view. To be honest I do not think it really is important as it is such a good game to play, the game play is like I said before is slow even in the chase scenes it is not in your face.

Online Player.

I love the online player,I just wished people on my friends list felt the same way about the game, when I mean that I really mean by buying it. The muti-player feels like it you are back playing Medal Of Honor. It reminds me like I am playing Medal Of Honor: Airborne, which I loved and one of my first game I played online, which is late for the online gamer like myself. If you are a social gamer I recommend this for if you play with friends to keep it interesting, but I suppose most games now are better than what they are if you play online with the people you like. This game is enjoyable if you like playing alone, also if you are a Medal Of Honor fan in general. I would like to point out that this is not Battlefield nor was it intended to be part of it, so before you might be thinking that it will be the same you are wrong. I have seen helicopters and a couple if planes in the game shooting people but im not sure if they can be piloted yet as |I have not done that yet.

Is this as frustrating as Call Of Duty? Hmmmmm Hell yes, you can respawn and get killed just as quick as you would on Call Of Duty, and you can load nearly a clip into someone and they will not die. Sniping is another issue, you can kill other people in one shot but it might kill them all the time, but my advice is to aim for a head shot as up to now I have killed every time... So it is not all bad. Grenade happens more than Call Of Duty due to the the amount of corners, and with a harsher terrain to deal with. One of the big thing that I am looking in to is why you can see the enemy round the corner, (they light up in red around the body) I am not sure why, but makes me wonder if they have the spot system. In the previous games with EA Games, if you spot someone you press a button and it puts a marker on them or lights them up, so some thing I will look up and post, within the next couple of days.

The Conclusion

This a great game, and I know you might be thinking, how? It has glitches, the story is not long enough, The chase scenes are not intense enough, but for some reason it just is a good game. It is hard to explain really as you have to play it for yourself, and I recommend it. One of the strongest thing for me is the graphics and physics, they are the best up to date in the world of gaming, I played this on the xbox 360 and I can't imaging how it will be on a high powered pc with all the trimmings added to it. The story line is good along with the cut scenes are tohee to be admired, and has really put Medal Of Honor back on the map. Some of the story is also inspired by true events which makes it more interesting as they have to put in alot of facts to... Well so was the last Medal Of Honor but it still sucked, that game had no flair to it, the passion was nowhere to be seen and £40 for 9 missions just did not help, also the online play was a mess, but this game just showed what happens if you try, you get a good game with awesome graphics and great cut scenes that show how good the frostbite 2 Engine really is, so please try the game then speculate, rather than the other way around. I am not saying that this game is the awesome one I am just saying that it is a good  and better than the late Medal Of Honor and Battlefield 3. I would be happy to give this game a 8.5/10 rating

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Call Of Duty News

Yes All of Call Of Duty Lovers, The elite service will be free for all of the Black Ops 2 owners for free. This is great news... But what about the map packs... Dont be daft Activsion will not be so stupid in giving away the map packs. They will be a new season pass will be introduced on the launch day. Hopefully the season pass will be realsed at least one week sooner as I'm won't have enough money for the pass on top of the £80/$80/80 euros plus the £40/$40/40 euros for the season pass.

Thier wasn't really a reason for why this is being done, all that activsion have said is that they have learned alot about the service and they think it is better that it is to be offered as a free service. The one thing on my mind is that people was complaining that they had to pay for the service. For me this didnt bother me as it came with the map packs anyway.

thanks for reading this brief news

Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Game Night (now called "GAME LOCK-INN")


Introduction of the "GAME "LOCK-INN"

Yes it is that time again where I went to the GAME "LOCK-INN" event which is happening up and down the country. (UK)  GAME are doing 3 sessions of the LOCK-INN and the last one want really well what ever you wanted to play... you could play it, and that is what I did. This LOCK-INN will be different as they have planned a FIFA tournament awesome... But that is if your good at the game.

With Fifa well lets say that I suck on a awesomely bad level, am a sore loser (only on FIFA) the reason is the players I lose alot to my player passing 50 yards to the wrong man hence give the ball to the other team that scores from it, also my players give to many penalties away when I am not in control of the player that so called committed the foul, but that is me on FIFA.

The Time Has Come

Finally the time has come for the next GAME LOCK-INN we all assembled in a line where we was the to choose a team out of a bag, (it was a world cup tournament) my team was Argentina, great a football team that loves to throw tempers and get their handbags out and hit each other with them. The draw work like it normally does, you pick a team then you go to another bag and then pick the group. I was in group D.

I am going to be honest as I can't remember the teams that was in the group nor which team won it all I know is that I came runner up in the group won two matches lost one and then lost in the quarter finals.
the lad that beat me came 2nd place.

The prizes was microsoft prizes 2100 for the winner, 1200 for the runner up and 700 for 3rd place oh yeah and a big bar of galaxy chocolate for 4th place.

I had a great time met some good and funny people and can't wait for the next one which I have been told that the girl staff at GAME my local store will be hosting it so it will be a great experience to see what the girls can offer us with how they do things and what games or what type of tournament we play.

cant wait for the next one

thanks for reading

Friday, 3 August 2012

The GAME game Night

Hey all you gamers out their.

GAME Group... They have been hitting the news and not just the gaming news and not really in the good way, as they where battling with administration earlier on in the year, as reported in prevous posts, I have to say it wern't looking well. they had game release dates messed up and even the atmosphere was not good when you walked into any GAME or Gamestation shop. GAME Group also started to lose suppliers the main supplier EA GAMES, and with that was the lose of the one of the biggest game of the year Mass Effect 3, with all this store closing down and walking into a game shop then walking back out shacking your head and thinking yes GAME Group maybe over and this made me feel sorry for the struggling company... But out came a company called OpCapita, they bought the game chain for around £1 but yes you may think that this is a bargin but then you need to remember that they had debts as well, which OpCapita took on as well, around £85 million pounds of it.

Now since the take over has been sorted it looks like what ever OpCapita has done is working, the information about games is upto date, the staff are more happier and the atmosphere is alot better. The staff seem more interested in games and is great to be a costumer within their shops, the best thing is that you don't get the feeling that an old women has gone in the nude right in frount of you when you go in. GAME Group have also regained the suppliers trust and all is now up and running... EPIC


The GAME store near me in wigan desided to host a game night, which consisted of activities which was a competition to win a goodie bag, but most of all it was to see what people wanted to do, for me I wanted to see what was going on behind the scenes of GAME see round the store but not only that to play some games, and is a good chance to meet new people, also with owning a Playstation Vita and only having one game trading in Unit 13 with it not being what I expected and having only a co-op online and no death match etc was a disappointment, so this was a prim opportunity for me to try two games that have go okey reviews and that was gravity rush and resistance burning skies. I played both for around 5-10 mins worth of game play and did enjoy both but I enjoyed resistance burning skies the most as it is down to the ground for me. With the game using all the Vita's features in a shooter and does it well, the gameplay is epic and is one gamer should own with their small collection of disappointment game that are available to purchase at a store on the high street. Gravity Rush is a different kettle of fish again using all the Features and more using the camara for Augmentality and moving around your surrounding without moving the analog pads etc but it is more for the RPG gamer and people that like cleaver games more than a gamer that likes going round and causing a path of distruction like on Call Of Duty etc.

During the night a representative went round asking people to take part in the fast lap on Mario Kart 7 (3DS release) and was then recorded so you can win some goodies... I didn't take part as im boring and couldn't be bothered as i'm not the best at any driving games... but I did have a go as the console that it was played on was the 3DS XL and was to be released the following morning or at 00:01 if you wanted the console at mid-night, but the console is something im not interested in buying as for me it is too big and will be a bit hard to fit your pocket, but also the fact that it don't come with a charger. that really does grinds my gears.

I felt sorry for the Nintendo representative as no one was really interested in him, but after speaking to some people at the game night that go to the conventions they say that no ones goes to many Nintendo stands as they go to the xbox, ps3 and others that have bigger games and more 3 party releases.

(The man standing is the Nintendo representative)

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Gears Of War 3

Hey all,

The time has finally come, for the review of Gears Of War 3. Gears Of War is made using the UDK/Unreal Game Engine, which Nicktronic Arts have some experience in. The graphics are improving each month as the Epic Games release their monthly game engine updates, but nothing can compare to the awesome graphics and retro game play Epic Games has produced in Gears Of War 3. Gears of war was never on my mind to play and the worst thing is that Gears Of War 3 is the first game of the series that I have played so the story.

The thing that I love about Gears Of War 3 is the shear impeccable brutality of the game that I lust for. Really which gamer that loves to kill wouldn't love to have a chain gun at the end of their gun, and chop Locust troops in half, or use the bayonet knife and with your character being a huge sted head, you can just lift the locust  the air and thrust your bayonet into the locust, they was really the weapons I really used I know their are the hammerbust, the sniper rifle etc but the best weapons for me was the lancers.

The Lancers

Yes the lancers. The Lancers are a really awesome weapon which a huge proportion of the Gears Of War Universe frown upon as they are used a lot in the death matches and players will really want to knife you with the Retro Lancer or use the chainsaw on the the other lancer to kill you, but it is also an achievement on xbox to kill another employee or someone that has the achievement, which for xbox live achievement hunters will love and want to have if they do not have it, the Lancers in my opinion is not the most powerful weapon on the game but they are just fun to use, the Hammerbust is more powerful but not does not have a quick rapid fire compared to the Lancer and is less fun to use.
The Lancer complete with Chainsaw (one mean looking weapon)

Shotguns on the game hmm... Many of my friends will tell you that me and shotguns are the best prefect mix, I love the shotgun in a lot of games from call of duty to halo, but this is a different story, the shotguns is sloppy and not that good, it is hard to get a decent one shot kill, but not only that is isn't has fun or as funny to use when you blow their guts out. The snipers are a let down to, Another gun I love in most shooter games, the Longshot is a acceptable sniper rifle but unless you get a head shot it is a rare thing that you will kill in one shot, and unfortunately in a team death match online is not good as you can get spotted by the enemy and may get you killed, the One-Shot sniper rifle is powerful you can cut through a hole enemy team if the are bunched in a pack but it takes ages to charge up so if your using this gun to take out one enemy at a time don't bother and make sure you hit your target is you are taking out the one, as you will be taken out as you are reloading

The Vulcan Cannon is a awesome weapon... On Horde Mode, this gun will rip your enemy to ribbon and you will see only a beautiful blood bath in the process, this gun seems to be awesome it tears your enemies up and is fun to use but unfortunately with this weapon it comes at a price, you are chained to the floor with its ammo box so you will have to contently reload and vulnerably to be attacked yourself, but their is a plus side to the gun, if you are with another person, the can help you at the weapons box, by feeding you bullets so you will never have to reload, and you can move when fire-ring so this is a good weapon... On Horde Mode. Their are more weapons to use but they are really the weapons I used during the campaign, Horde Mode and team death matches.

I may not have played the game from the beginning but Gears Of War 3 does help the people like me to understand the Series, with a short clip of the back story of the series. The game offers a "causal" setting so the game will be a walk in the park for the player to finish the campaign's 10 - 12 hour storyline.

Gears Of War is a game that has a unorthodox gameplay, one that has put me off playing the previous Gears Of War games, but for some reason this feels different to the ten minutes I spent playing horde on Gears Of War 2, it feels smother, but still more importantly to me annoying. Yes annoying. I hate the way I will be looking forward then when I go for a run it sometimes will the opposite way, and nine times out of ten the character will run into the monsters and I will go down if im on horde mode, or I will get my charter in the campaign will get chopped in half... GRRRRRRRR

Don't get me wrong I love this game and Gears Of War 3 will not end up being traded in or getting pit in a box then in the loft, the graphics are awesome and the cut scene where you see the characters talk and open their mouths and you look at their facial expressions are next to none, the acting by the voice of the actors are brill as well, and i'm sure any Gears of War fan will agree the game has the right actors and actresses for the job, with a big name with Ice-T being one for the biggest names in the game as he plays voice of Griffin, Epic brought in another main stream actor Carlos Ferro, he plays Dominic Santiago, Carlos has been in loads of the main stream games, such as Call Of Duty Black Ops, Assassin's Creed and Uncharted, to name some of the games he has been in. One person I can't miss out is Lester Speight, he is the voise behind Augustus Cole... "All aboard the Cole Train Baby WHOOO" by that you would think the character was a NFL player... And that is because he was a NFL player. Lester Speight  is more known for his acting in Terry Tate: The Office Linebacker and he was also a american in football player as well, so his personally goes perfectly with Cole.

For players that prefer the online play to the campaign the online is good, okies the controls are the smooth but a pain in the ass still but is good,  I love the Horde mode most of all, xbox helps alot as xbox really is a social console and with Gears Of War being on this console it is a good way to make friends and mess around on the horde mode up to ten players. beast mode is similar to Horde mode, players take on the role to kill all the human bots.

Also their is good news for Gears Of War fans the servers used will be dedicated servers which is awesome compared to Call Of Duty games as they are hosted servers and get lag and cheaters that like to lag switch it which is awesome, or if they are with Talk Talk... well you might as well be a lag switch as they are awful with the internet speeds, I have had countless messages from players calling me a lag switcher until I send them a message back stating I'm with talk talk, then I will get message back saying how they feel sorry for me or the send me a message back calling me a dick head for the choice I made going with them, but back to the point with dedicated servers it means better connection and better speeds and less cheaters and hackers.

So what do I think of this game?
Gears Of Wars is a game that I never thought I would buy and when I did buy it I thought yeah I would give it the awesomely awful review but I can't it is a good game, and is the second best game I have played within twelve months maybe more and would recommend this game to anyone that loves playing as sted head army guys that like going to cut monsters in half with awesome guns with chainsaws on the end

This is not the end of the review just yet!!!

Oh no I as I have not played any of the other Gears Of War games I went asking some friends on xbox what they think of the game, and the Friends on xbox that I have chosen is because they love the game with a passion, and will be able to answer my questions without the one line answers.

Meet The Members


A totally wacky player loves the game so much he has the gears of war cog tattoo on his body, I have played Horde mode with him, and he is totally awesome at the game, going round with ease kicking ass, and chainsawing his enemies to bits. This man is no noob and is a valuable player and a great asset to have on your team, one one level I played with him he mopped up 19 kill to my 3 and it wasn't that I was awefull I just never saw anything, nor did I see him during that level

  • What is your favourite Gears Of War and why?

  • What is it about the Gears Of War that beats any other game on the market?

  • You have a tattoo of Gears Of War cog on your arm, what made you want to have have it tattooed to your body?

  • If you would recommend the Gears Of War series, which type of gamer apart from a shooter fan would you recommend it to and why?


A Gears Of War lover, Played them all, played with this great dude a few times on call of duty: Modern Warfare 2 when I first came out, and was a very good player, but when asked about Gears Of War and would he participate he accepted so here goes the quick questions.

  • what is your favourite Gears Of War and why?
A.    The third one , superb graphics , great story and shit hot multiplayer.

What is it about the Gears Of War that beats any other game on the market?
A.  What stands out for gears for me is the multiplayer has become stronger through the games, the connections are always superb and the amount of children tht play it is very scarce

  • If you would recommend the Gears Of War series, which type of gamer apart from a shooter fan would you recommend it to and why?
A.   I would recommend gears of war franchise to any gamer who likes a good story to follow


Another person that has played all Gears Of War, Played with this dude loads of time mainly on xbox on Call Of Duty but is generally good at games ranging from first person shooters to RPG and going further with games that require you to have no life and grind out pointless hours on a particular game mainly such as World Of Warcraft and when I went to my friends and this legend was their to he ended up grinding out 21 hours farming in Wintergrasp for titanium back in World Of WarCraft: Wrath Of Lich King. This dude is probs the biggest gamer I know and yes I don't think his has a life and could give a damn what people think of him or what I put so to sum him up if you play against him he is a real T**T in a good way but also pleased to announce that he will be part of the team at Nicktronic Arts

  • What is your favourite Gears Of War and why?

A. My favourite Gears of War game was definitely Gears of War 3 due to the fact that the storyline to this game I personally find immersed me more than the other 2 games prior to this one. Although I believe the fact I had already played the first and second games in the trilogy it really helped for the understanding and knowledge of the actual story line. I was really impressed with how the characters attitudes evolved from past events for example how Dominic Santiago has a medical form for psychiatric issues after the death of his beloved Maria and further how his story comes to an end within this world of madness.

  • What is it about the Gears Of War that beats any other game on the market?

A. In a nutshell it has to be the combat engine and how it works even though it is not the first ever cover shooter on the market the fact that it has such a fast pace and melee combat when in close range really adds to the game quality and the outcome of each and every situational fight that occurs while your playing, just as an example there is no better feeling than tagging that 1 locust that gets to close with a grenade and being ready for the next target before he has even detonated.

  • If you would recommend the Gears Of War series, which type of gamer apart from a shooter fan would you recommend it to and why?
To be honest there isn't a single type of gamer I would recommend this to who isn't just a shooter fan because it would have to be anyone who can really enjoy the story provided to you in such an epic way. But if there would have to be a choice I would have to say it would have to be a toss up between any science fiction buff or RPG player down to the fact I feel they would enjoy this game for more than just its great graphics.

Terminal Is Back (Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3)

Calling all Modern Warfare fans, as you may know about the news that the new DLC will be coming out soon and your next destination for the MW3 DLC is going to be ressurected from MW2, and the map choosen with be... Terminal.

When I heard the news about it and with people in the Call Of Duty clan also talking about, I kinda knew that this was a good map, as it had everything you could ask for.

The map is for boring campers, people that like to run around, people with shotguns (also known as shotgun wankers), quick scopers, and my favorite for if you want to mess around pretend to server burgers at burger town or stand behind the check in desks etc.

The map its self can be hell if everyone is on their feet rather than camping. (mainly at the back of the plane)

The date for the xbox is around the 17th of july the rest not so sure
here is one player on terminal

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Black ops 2 nuketown 2025

A big hello to all you Call Of Duty fans out their.
The latest news about the latest instalment in the series of the game has just got better, as Activision has announced today that the rumoured map on Call Of Duty: Black Ops, will be returning as a bonus map (if you pre-ordered) for the up coming game Black Ops 2, but will be upgraded into the future.

If you played Call Of Duty: Black Ops then you will know that Nuketown was one of the best maps, it was short, sweat and you get a load of kills and to be honest the map is total mayhem. If you ever got a Chopper Gunner on the game you will know how bad it gets as you rack up the kills.

This is a video on how bad the map can be.

But for some reason for those that have not pre-ordered the game, I doubt that you will miss out completely as they will be release for map pack extensions if not just where you can buy the map on its own, but the best news is that if you pre-ordered the game you will be able to play the map on launch day as well.

we will keep you posted on more Black Ops 2 news the next bit of news is rumoured to be next month, thanks for reading 

Friday, 29 June 2012

E3 2012 xbox


First of all I would like to apologize on how long it has taken me to post on E3 2012, due to work and illness I have not been able to post. After looking at all the notes that I wrote and looked at what other websites said about the Xbox, PS3 and Nintendo press conferences, Xbox had more to say that was interesting to gamers. PlayStation had Beyond: Two Souls and The Last Of Us that really caught everybody attention. They did have the Wonderbook but that didn't seem to go down well with other sites, not only that Sony only have 2 new games that are first party for the Vita console. Nintendo gave us information about the Wii u and even that gave left a lot of gamers thinking... what is the point as you can use the Wii original controller instead of the Wii u pad, as the Wii u pad offers little extra during game play, and really is nothing new, but when it comes to the games the console is nothing special, they will play first party games like what the Xbox 360, PS3 and pc get but they will be getting games that have already been out like the batman Arkam city will be launch but with the Wii u pad capabilities, but mainly it was about Nintendo's 3rd party games that they talked about

The Xbox conference

Yes it is that time of the year where game companies around the gaming world come to the event to show off their ideas to the world for the upcoming 12 months, their is Sony's Playstation, Microsoft's Xbox and Nintendo. They all try to put on a show and show off their games/consoles and now ideas for the way we play games. E3 people that work and cannot be at E3 now book a couple of days or even ring in sick, as they stream the confrances online for the masses of hungry gamers to devour and pick the games/consoles etc that they want to buy, and yes we had to watch the events, we will start with Microsoft Xbox Conference, then Sony's Playstation then finishing on Nintendo.

Alot off people are expecting a new xbox the roumours are the xbox 720 or just a upgraded model, playstation, with not much roumours about a new one, many because of of the employees (in a high up place) twitted that their won't be one, But their is one company that will be releasing a mnew console and that company is Nintendo, they annouced last year 2001 at E3 that the new console called the "Wii u" will be their next console. This year they will be showing us games and much more.

Microsoft Xbox presentation. The xbox presentation started off with a small film to promote Halo 4, the film looked awesome and graphics of the ships was impressive overall, this year it was time to show you the game play, and show what 343 Industries had to offer and continue from where Bungie left. The graphics looked impressive and was faultless and with new added enemies that look to be a pain to kill. The thing that I have not done is play Halo 1 and 2 (only played muti-player with friends) I have played the rest from 3 and upwards. Halo 4 looks like a awesome and great art work was great, and the impression that I get from the clip show at the E3 conference is that 343 Industries have done is move back into the direction that Bungie failed in the ODST and Reach, which both of them got bad reviews and price drops in shops that came quickly after... sorry Halo fans but those two games was bad, but on a positive note Halo 4 looks to be the best Halo yet and I cannot wait to buy/play and review.

The next game to hit the stage of E3 Microsoft was the new instalment of Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Splinter cell being in the gaming market for a while and been growing in popularity. The last Splinter Cell even got a midnight launch at most game retailers. Splinter Cell: Blacklist offer awesome graphics that all xbox owners can sink their teeth into, action, and great thrills that all fans can enjoy. The thing I like about this game is the Kinect capabilities. If you just want to hang on a building you can talk to your Kinect and call the enemy over and dispose of them with you awesome stealth that applies so well in all the Splinter Cell games. This seems to be awesome, great graphics, game play and Kinect, but if you have played Ghost Recon: Future solider you will notice the game engine is the same and the scenery is also the same, also the game play, am not saying that this Splinter Cell will be bad, I just saying it is not a improvement in being a different from Ghost Recon. I am sure that all Splinter Cell fans will love this game.

Now down to the EA sports games that got played. Fifa 13, just like most Fifa games but they have gone a bit deeper. They have added Kinect Capabilities, only speech but it works from subbing players to swapping formation all down to your voice without pressing the start button and if you online doing your opponents head in, this all sounds good but EA have added a bonus well if you are someone that hats referees and have bad language issues. Yes you can use bad language while the Kinect is on expect a yellow card from the ref for dissent. The next game buy EA was Madden  NFL, the Kinect features the voice recognition and you can call individual players, change formation, and any type of game play you know to advance down the field and get a touchdown, or you can use your voice for the defence, apart from that a normal NFL game.

One game that had to hit the Microsoft xbox conference was the game a lot of people will be talking about is the high rated game Fable: The Journey. youtube has loads of videos already, but it has to be shown at E3, the video to promote the game was awesome, and showed you what you can expect from the Kinect features. unfortunately there was no information apart from the video, and no release date or year so they must still be working on the title, but im sure it will be a epic game when released.

Forza fans will be in a good mood after game play was shown of the new title called Forza: Horizon. this game rumoured to give you free roam not just going to the race. as always the graphics is awesome, and accurate to models of the car in real life, but if you thing the Top Gear team will be in it you will have to wait to find out. Forza is A game for racing fanatics that im sure cannot wait to get their hands on and play many hours on, but for some reason as in the clip that was shown at E3 they said nothing about free roaming but if it is I am sure it will be a rip off from Need For Speed.

Gears Of War fans was shock at E3 as the next instalment of the game was announced called Gears Of War: Judgement. The game is not a following on from the third game, but 14 years before the first game. All Gears Of War fans thought it was over when the Third title was out but... Really, a bit game as Gears will not stop after three. It is aimed at a 2013 release.

xbox went from games to software that they will be offering to xbox owners, the first part is about entertainment channels, such as Nickalodion, Paramount and Machinima their will be more, but they also went on about a better package with ESPN adding more channels and 24 hour coverage of the the stations. The are also adding NBA,NHL channels as well. and one big channel which was announced last year will be UFC which will be coming, in this you can bet on fights with some credits that you get but their was not much information about how to obtain them if you lose them all.
Xbox Music will be coming a new service from Xbox, this will also be available for all tablet and Smart phones and other devices.
Nike has Partnered up with Xbox, it is called Nike Plus Kinect. This is so you can get fit and train, with real time feedback. The same program you will be using is also used by the professionals. you will get assessed a text from what was being explained at E3. The Software looks corney and bad but this is about getting fit not about the graphical interface, im sure this will do the job it is intended for.

A big announcement from xbox is another feature called Smart Glass. This transforms you device such as you Ipad, phone etc to work along with your xbox, if you are watching a film on your Ipad and pause it, you can pick up from where you left off on you xbox 360, a very good idea, not only that but you can use this to interact with some of your games away, it didn't say at E3 but it looked like you could design a play on a NFL game from you  smart device and use it on your game, the game was not confirmed but im sure it is Madden NFL. (looks like xbox has taken the idea from the Wii u and its pad) It look also like you could use your Smart device on Halo 4, to access way point and other features, another use was turning your phone into a computer mouse, yes you can turn your Smart device into a mouse using it to move like one and using the leaft and right buttons. this part is usefully for the next part of xbox's new software, yes finally Internet Explorer is coming to Xbox and not only that you can use the Kinect to look up web sites and im sure you will use it to fill in forms as well, is fast and I am sure is explorer 9, so their is no need to turn on your laptop or pc to browse the web, and the good news is that it is coming this fall.

Xbox went back to games and showed you the new Tomb Raider, yes it got announced last year, but two weeks ago it got delayed till 2013, but from the presentation last year it looks like they have changed alot of the game, including content and other things the game has to offer for Tomb Raider fans. The games look action packed, great graphics and game play and is more brutal than ever, defo a gae worth looking into.

Now a game that I am looking for and a game that im sure to twins I know that might not get that chance to play will be Resident Evil 6, as they are in south Korea and might not want to get a xbox other there. (yes I know they could do but I just want to rub it in as a far as I know they left their xbox behind) The hype started in January of this year as the advert was parade on sky sports while I was watching WWE: RAW. It was on every time the show went onto commercial. The game looks epic, the graphics is at the top for a Resident Evil game, the Resident Evil game is not in many good books at the moment with bad reviews for the newly released Operation Raccoon City and the two titles for the 3ds, but this one somes up to be the biggest and best. Resident Evil 6 will feature cut scenes but to a blockbuster film quality, awesomely down and faultless I really can't wait for this game to come out.

The End of the whole presentation is Activision Call Of Duty; Black Ops 2, this featured game play from the game and I have to say look brill. the graphics are spiced up and looks like some good work when into it. the part that got show at the presentation was mad, like in a awesome way, where bullets go flying past your head to cars exploding and building collapsing. This all seems to be a good game and perfect, something that you will never forget... but it looks nothing special. Black Ops 2 looks like a normal Call Of Duty in the of the storyline. Their are a couple of things that I am going to make. For one, you are always hang off a cliff or some kind of building of bridge. point 2, you are always getting knocked to the ground and next to dead with all the strawberry jam effect on your screen just before you die, this Call Of Duty titles seems to be crap but in a different toilet.
I am not say that this makes a bad game I just think that they can add better things than the two things that happening all of the previous call Of Duty games, Their are many more things I like about the new title is, the cinematic look good and the best I have seen on Call Of Duty, the Guns look good and I am sure will make a impact on the game overall I think it will have what it takes to be better than Black Ops, even with the story but i just don't understand why such a age gap from when president John F Kennedy was alive to 2025 I think the year was.
I am sure this will not stop the millions queuing up for the midnight launch.