Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham city review and Discussion 

Hello to all you Batman fans out their.

Finally we can conclude our results and findings on Batman: Arkham City.

The Discussion


we are going to give you a bit of a history lesson in brief of batman just incase some of you might not know about Batman (find it hard to believe it to be honest)
Batman is huge. We see him everywhere, games comics, film, costumes,toys and the series everywhere it is the older films and series or the newer stuff.  Batman is still alive today, it was first appeared in detective comics in may 1939, and since then he has been seen in the DC comics. Batman character was created by artist Bob Kane and was writer Bill Finger, the comic became popular it got to have its own comic in the 1940's and carried on to have its own TV series which debuted in 1966. In 1989 Warner Brother Studios got into the act and started to produce feature films and have been producing films ever since with a new Batman film due out next year (2012)

Batman Arkham city

Batman; Arkham Asylum (the first game) won game of the year over Call Of Duty; Modern Warfare 2. The game was powered using unreal game design engine, and from reports it worked well.
Batman; Arkham City, is also powered by the "unreal engine" but also use a few more programs like "Autodesk; scaleform". The unreal engine is a good piece of kit with designing a game or designing anything with a 3D meshes and if you wanted to walk around, Nicktronic Arts also have used this game engine and soon our work will be posted on here for you all to see, we have have used some software by Autodesk before called "3DS MAX". These "3DS MAX" and "Scaleform" can be used to create stuff (static meshes, and other objects) for the game that get exported over to the "unreal engine", not only all the software that is used to create Batman is also used to make Hollywood films today, so they really are putting alot of effort into the game, with the state of the art software, the Autodesk stuff cost alot of money just for the software "3DS MAX" cost between £3,500 - £4,500, not to sure about "Scaleform" I can guess it will be at a similar price, but you will also need to employ the right people that know how to work the software as well, and believe us it is hard when you have not been on a course for it, will take alot of hard work and time if you are going at it with out being tutored.

The Review

This game really hit a high for me, as a comic super hero game was something that would make think, that I would want to buy it, mainly because I'm not a action adventure person, I prefer Call Of Duty, but a bit of abuse of a few friends on Facebook (well one person abused me on Facebook over it and funny enough it was girl, no offence) told me to get... so I did. When starting the game I didn't know what to expect, but when I got into it WOW. The controls was easy (yes Batman; Arkham City is a button bashing game) one main button to attack and one button to counter etc, but you can press a number of buttons to make a combo. 

The graphics where also on top with the unreal engine surprising as we didn't think much of them on when using the engine ourselves,they are payed professional that went to uni and studied the engine in more depth anyways.

So what is the starting plot about? Batman: Arkham City picks up months after the events of Asylum. Former Arkham warden Quincy Sharp now reigns as the mayor of Gotham City, and he's moved the bad guys from Blackgate Prison and the inmates from Arkham Asylum to a cordoned off area in the heart of Gotham. This is Arkham City, Dr. Hugo Strange runs it, and Batman's job is to see what the hell is going on inside. Out of the recent releases of games, this has to be the best and most interesting games I have played in a long time. I never thought I would even want to play any super hero games, but after this I'm thinking of getting Batman: Arkham Asylum, and learning more about the story rather than coming in halfway through.

Im sure fans of Batman Arkham Asylum will feel right at home here plying away at this game. their are alot of things to do, i.e side missions, rescuing other inmates etc and their are some with Baines. Rocksteady Games have really turned up the heat with special enemies, with shields, stun rod, and body armor, and enemies with broken bottles and knifes that have to be dealt with in very specific ways, its not just a game where you can attack in all directions and their will be a bad guy where ever you go. Rocksteady Games have really made the AI (artificial intelligence) think like it was real, if you are in a battle situation on the game you really have to be cleaver and out think what they do and you also have to plan your next move before you do your first as this can be the difference between life and death, the AI also get cleaver throughout the game, if you swing on the ledges that will be provided to escape the AI will shoot and break the ledges so you cannot go back on them, they will also learn of the attack that you just did on one of their evil companions so that they will not enter the same fate, but if you leave it long enough they will get bored or scared and move so you can attack the same way again, when you battle MR.Freeze you can only get him with once with a move after that you have to try a different way.

you get the real feel that you are awesome playing as Batman as you can do all the sneak attacks, when you have trouble you can throw a smoke bomb and run, glide away or take the enemies out if their are a few of them, or you could freeze them, the end of what you can do to your enemies is endless.

This game is seems up to be awesome with no problems at all. But your wrong, one of the problems and it is a big for me is some of the controls, they are simple but not as responsive as they should be, when you in a big battle and their are ten or more of your enemies around you will need to be able to attack, block and mix that into a combo, which it does we to a extent, sometimes you will ask it to block and it will bock up to three enemies and it sometimes won't even block one, also when you try to out wit you enemy and go behind a way ready to go behind him etc, he will climb the object even tho it will ask you to press A (xbox 360) if you want to climb it but it will do it without pressing it, I can understand if you are running to it but walking to it really, also if you are struggling for health and you can't use you smoke bomb etc, and you are running in the street you can't always grapple on to things easy you have to stop and in that you could end up being being dead, the Boss battles too easy. Many side missions don’t compare favorably with main game mode, plus the hint system really gives the game away, you maybe say "but its doing it job" well no it isn't, a hit system hits you what to do, this hit system tells you what to do, and one more thing their are loads of side quests, yes they can be a good thing but their are too many, and will bog you down and pull you away from the reason you bought the game.

The Conclusion 

In total I think Batman is the best game I have played for a while, and I Mean a while, the bad parts of the game I have spoke about did make me wanna go mad with frustration but I managed to see through it, but the best part about it was that I just wanted to to keep playing and I did and when I had to come off, it upset me really, their is loads to do and when you complete it on normal difficulty upwards you unlock a harder game mode, also you get to play as cat women for free if you by the game new, 800 microsoft points or £7.99 if bought second hand, which I am yet to experience which i will do another review on in time. 

Would I buy recommend this? Hell yes I would.
Do I think I could get game of the year? the only game that will come close I can see will be Skyrim.
What would be the gamer score of this out of 10 be? I pick 9. Because of these stupid problems this game cannot warrant a 10 from me.