Monday, 7 November 2011

Call Of Duty Launch Night

Call Of Duty

Yes the day for Call Of Duty fans everywhere has come. The midnight launch, where Call Of Duty comes out, and yes we will be their, at Game in Wigan, where a big bunch of mad heads and losers wait outside a place that will sell game (Game/Gamestation/Tesco/ASDA etc) in the freezing cold or rain for a few hours to get our hands on the latest installment of the Call Of Duty series that will make the players that are in relationships brush their girl friends/boy friends (girls pushing boy friends, hmmm not likely but will happen) under the bed for while, as we waste our time levelling and prestiging, yes Call Of Duty is one big time vampire.

But our question is this. Will Call Of Duty beat Battlefield 3?
Our Answer is hell yes, will most of game shops have stop pre orders of the harden addition at £89.99 a pop. We think that the evidence is their and Battlefield will get wiped.