Monday, 24 October 2011

NickTronic Arts

Hello all you stunning people

welcome to the NickTronics Arts

I will not just be talking about games designing/designing, but everything involved with computing (pc) and gaming, whether its about parts for you pc, or games for Xbox and PS3, it can be random.
About NickTronic Arts

Nicktronics Arts is the name of my new 3D design studio, I have set up this blog to to share my 3D designs dedicated to games. The software I use is called UDK (Unreal Editing Kit) this is free to download, or you can purchase the better software by buying Unreal Tournament 3, which you can pick up for a couple of quid (this is known as editor when installed).


On this software you don't have to create games, you can design your bedroom for example, if you are thinking of remodeling you bedroom, do it on UDK, design your cupboards etc, wanna make a film with good effects or a new world... LET UDK DO IT
The best part of UDK is that you can bring other types of software together and export them into UDK. These two recommended of the names of software you can use;
  1. Photoshop. yes Photoshop, this is used for materials, if you want to design like say a chair but want to get that wood feel you can export it on to UDK and apply that design onto you material.
  2. 3DS MAX. 3DS MAX is expensive software, this if for designing and animating, this is used by professionals in Hollywood today, and has been used on the Gadget Show, This can be used to make objects from scratch, you can import that design into UDK, or if you want to be a awesome, combine the software with Photoshop to get the desing perfect, then import it to UDK. 3SD MAX sells between £3,500 - £4,500, or their is MAYA that goes for about £4,500 - £5,500 (never used MAYA but I can imagine it does a similar job but better and more in depth)